Why we use a district-wide multilingual platform for personalized communications

With over 15,000 students in 25 different schools in central Washington State, one of our main goals over the past school year was to develop a feature-rich, identical communication system for teachers, schools and the district. We looked at the options on the market, talked to other districts about what they’re using, and then rolled out a new school-to-home communication platform for the 2021-22 school year.

One of our concerns when adopting a new platform was whether it could handle multilingual communications for the district, where our students speak eight different languages, primarily English and Spanish, c So that was our only previous objective.

If you take Spanish and English out of the mix, we’ve never communicated using the other six languages ​​before, unless it’s an Individual Education Plan or something. another that needed to be translated. We have never communicated our normal messages in ALL languages ​​that impact our families.

We are now able to communicate with these families using our communication platform in their authentic language. This happens at the teacher level, and then also at the department, school and district level. Feedback from teachers and parents on the translation capabilities of the platform has been overwhelmingly positive.

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