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WILMINGTON — On Tuesday evening, the Wildwood School Building Committee invited members of the community to attend their in-person town hall meeting at Wildwood Street School. Prior to the meeting, they gave residents time to tour the school to get a better idea of ​​its current condition.

The Wildwood School Building Committee is made up of representatives from city departments and elected city councils. Part of their goal is to coordinate with the Massachusetts School Building Authority to facilitate the process for a new Wildwood school since Wilmington was accepted into the program with a school consolidation condition.

Superintendent Dr. Glenn Brand presented two recent MSBA deliverables that evening. He also mentioned that all of the information associated with the committee — meeting minutes, deliverables, and everything else — was available on the Wilmington Public Schools website tab titled “Wildwood Building Committee.”

Deputy Superintendent of Administration and Finance Paul Ruggiero explained that the enrollment information was produced by the MSBA using their formulas to project the next 10 years. This was based on historical listing information provided by the city.

Public Buildings Superintendent George Hooper said the capital and maintenance planning documents outline the funds that should be allocated and a 5-year capital plan. When one of the committee members asked about the challenges of the current school, he named things like the age of the school, asbestos in the ceilings and floor tiles, the heating system steam and the obsolete electrical system.

They then brainstormed how they could make presentations to the finance committee, the school committee, and the board of selectors. General Manager Jeff Hull suggested presenting the merits of the feasibility study and the money needed for it to the three committees or at one of the finance committee’s scheduled budget meetings.

He added that they should clarify why the money is needed right now and what the city’s approval would allow them to do in the future.

Coach Greg Bendel said any opportunity to step on camera and talk about this process would be valuable.

“The coaches, subject to the president, would welcome a presentation,” he continued.

Coach Kevin Caira added, from the audience, the importance of reminding the public of the MSBA’s reimbursement towards the cost of construction. Judy O’Connell, also present, offered to use a soundbite from WCTV and send communications through services for the elderly.

Brand figured that school principals would distribute information to families in schools. School committee member David Ragsdale reminded committee members representing other committees to report to their respective councils.

Next, Brand presented the committee with marketing materials to share with the community. He detailed a full brochure divided into four parts and a smaller brochure with the information in smaller chunks. Web and print versions were available. The web versions had been sent to school families on January 10. He said the hard copies would be distributed to various places like the library, the town hall and the center for the elderly.

Committee members suggested promoting the date, time and location of the special municipal meeting, in addition to what the outcome of the feasibility study would be.

For their next meeting date, they expressed their intention to meet before the potential February 15 public hearing for the March 8 special town hall meeting. Hull clarified that the finance committee, in accordance with the municipal by-law, is required to hold a public hearing. hearing to review the details of the articles prepared before any municipal meeting or special municipal meeting. The finance committee would vote on recommendations for proposed items, and those recommendations would be sent to the city clerk and then delivered to residents.

The committee agreed to try to meet again at Wildwood School and give residents another chance to see the school and attend the meeting at the same time. The date of the next meeting was not yet fixed.

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