Ascent Funding Expands Lead in Results-Based Lending for Higher Education


SAN DIEGO, March 31, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bottom-up funding, an award-winning education finance company, today announced that it has extended its lead in results-based lending, adding loans for bootcamp coding and accelerated learning programs by incorporating Skills Fund within the Ascent family of brands. Both programs will operate under the Ascent brand and are committed to providing affordable loan options and enabling millions of underserved students to access higher education.

Ascent is a leader in results-based lending and helps students make more informed decisions when investing in their education.

“Skills Fund and Ascent share the same mission of revolutionizing the way people pay for higher education by focusing on results data,” said Ken ruggiero, CEO and Chairman of Ascent. “Course report recently reported that 79% of coding bootcamp students found employment in their field after graduation, and we should be celebrating it. It was natural to add Skills Fund and over 80 partner schools to continue supporting students looking to invest in themselves. “

Since June 2019, Skills Fund and Ascent have collaborated to raise awareness of the growing demand for skills-based training programs, as well as innovative new initiatives such as the launch of a new results-based loan, the establishment of the HIR (Ed) Sessions for educators to discuss higher education trends and create other resources for students.

Ascent Funding has made a name for itself in the student loan market by offering co-signed loans and unrecorded loans to help undergraduate and graduate students pay for their university education. This year, Ascent was named Best Private Student Loan Company for 2021 by Forbes Advisor and NerdWallet.

Skills Fund has served over 16,000 students and distributed over $ 200 million in funding tuition fees for bootcamps in their six-year history.

“We believe that accelerated learning programs, like coding schools and bootcamps, are now an established and life-changing investment for anyone looking to transform their career,” said Joseph kozusko, Co-founder of Skills Fund. “Joining the Ascent family is an evolution for Skills Fund into a more mature, well-capitalized, and well-resourced team that will benefit the students, schools and employers we serve – so we couldn’t be more excited for the future. . “

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About Ascent Funding

Ascent Funding is committed to revolutionizing the way students pay for higher education and coding services at over 2,500 traditional schools and bootcamps. Ascent believes education is an investment in the future. We want to allow students from all backgrounds and economic disciplines to maximize the return on this investment.

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