Azerbaijani parliament to consider law on child support in relation to Armenia

BAKU, Azerbaijan, September 23. The provisions of the Convention “On the International Recovery of Child Maintenance and Other Forms of Family Support” will not apply to Armenia until the consequences of the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict are completely eliminated and normalized , reports Trend.

This was reflected in the draft law “On the approval of the convention “On the international recovery of child maintenance and other forms of alimony”, which was discussed at today’s meeting. hui of the Committee for International and Interparliamentary Relations of the Azerbaijani Parliament (Milli Majlis) Relations and recommended for consideration at the plenary meeting of the parliament.

The draft law noted that Azerbaijan applies the Convention to child support obligations between parents and children under 18 years of age. The Convention applies to support obligations for people under 21, however, according to the document, a contract the state may reserve the right to limit its application to people under 18.

The bill mentions the rejection of the use of the French language in the implementation of any other communication between the central executive bodies. They will take place in Azeri or English. Member States, including when signing international agreements, must take all necessary measures to ensure that maintenance is collected from the parent(s) or other responsible persons, in particular if they do not reside in the Member States. State in which the child lives.

The purpose of the Convention is to effectively ensure the international procedure for the collection of child support abroad and other forms of family support. This should be ensured by the following methods:

– create systems of global cooperation between the organs of the Contracting States;

– creation of opportunities for filing applications for decisions on child support;

– recognition and enforcement of decisions relating to child support;

– the demand for effective measures for the rapid execution of decisions relating to child support.

Contracting States are recommended to encourage the most economical and effective means of transferring funds payable for child support, including through international agreements.

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