Biden’s infrastructure plan – $ 12 billion allocated to community colleges


On Wednesday, March 31, 2020, US President Joe Biden unveiled his $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan, which includes, among other things, critical investments in community colleges.

The plan means $ 12 billion will go to investment in community college infrastructure and $ 50 million to the National Science Foundation, reports

The proposal also includes more funding for historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), as well as other institutions serving minorities, as half of the $ 40 billion spent on modernizing research infrastructure and laboratories will go to them. allocated.

Among others, the plan includes:

  • 10 billion dollars of investment in research and development.
  • $ 15 billion to establish 200 research incubators at these establishments, hoping that the investments could eliminate racial and gender inequalities in R&D and STEM.

According to the fact sheet, the onus is on the states to use the money to meet the physical and technological infrastructure needs of community colleges in those particular states.

“Investing in community college facilities and technology helps protect the health and safety of students and faculty, tackle educational deserts (especially for rural communities), develop local economies, improve energy efficiency and resilience, and reduce short-term funding inequalities. “ the plan indicates.

Community colleges are the primary source of vocational training programs that are considered necessary in training Americans for recovery.

“It’s a pretty impressive commitment to higher education, but I think it also demonstrates how inextricably linked colleges and universities to the health of our economy,” American Council of Education director of government relations Jon Fansmith said.

Additionally, the plan also emphasizes that the money would help address the short-term funding injustice.

Joe Biden has been reported to have asked Congress to provide $ 25 billion for improved child care facilities as well as increased supplies for areas in need.

Biden also needed $ 100 billion to modernize and build new public schools, half of which will come from grants, while the other half will come from cash.

In recent days, the US Department of Education has announced that there will be debt relief for student borrowers who have been released due to disability. Whereas two days ago the ministry also announced the zero percent interest rate increase on federal student loans and collections of over one million borrowers with loans defaults under the Federal Family Education Loans Program (FFEL).


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