Saginaw Township is considering ways to allow a lawn care service for those who cannot mow their own lawns


TOWNSHIP OF SAGINAW, MI – The Township of Saginaw Board of Directors is considering ways to allow lawn care companies to cut grass for residents who cannot do the job themselves.

On Monday, April 13, the Saginaw Township Board of Directors approved a motion to consider a plan for residents to hire lawn care companies to maintain their lawns.

“We have residents calling and saying for some reason, ‘I can’t mow my own lawn. I’ve hired a landscaping company to just mow my lawn for the past decade. So it’s just situations like this where we don’t want a resident to come out with this stuff, ”said Brian Rombalski, Acting Warden of Saginaw Township.

To help make a decision on the plan, the township asked its lawyer to review Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s order that bans local lawn services from operating in order to slow the spread of the COVID pandemic. 19.

“Our lawyer feels we could get a little more advice and clarification from the state,” Rombalski said.

Thomas Roy, a resident of Saginaw Township and owner of Ultimate Landscaping, supports the township’s plan to explore options for citizens to hire lawn care companies to maintain their yards. He submitted a letter to the board of directors to plead his case.

“I’ve had calls from elderly customers and others who don’t own a lawn mower, asking what to do,” Roy said. “I have also answered calls from many business owners like Sears, Walgreens, as well as CubeSmart and Valvoline.”

Unmaintained lawns can harbor rodents and ticks, Roy added.

He also pointed out that other communities such as Roseville allowed its residents to hire lawn care services to perform the task until the governor issued an updated ordinance which judged maintenance service workers non-essential lawns.

Roy said his company would follow guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“The other townships will see that the township of Saginaw takes the lead and follows,” Roy said.

Rombalski said there is a good chance the township will not adopt any new policies because they do not want to violate the governor’s order. He expects the municipality to make a decision early next week.

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