Ukraine depends on foreign leadership; “Useless” to engage in talks: Russia

Russia said it was “unnecessary” to get involved in talks with Ukraine since the Kiev administration is totally dependent on foreign management. Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said in an article published by the Russian newspaper Kommersant that “there is no confidence” in partners such as Ukraine in competing international relations in “constant absurdities”. Medvedev goes on to say that Moscow sees no interest in talks with Kiev.

“There is no confidence, and there cannot be, in such ‘partners’ in international relations, who compete in constant nonsense. This means that negotiations with them are absolutely useless,” Medvedev said. .

According to the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, Ukraine is ruled by people who just want to make a profit and no one in Kiev is willing to sacrifice themselves for the nation. Medvedev said: “The Ukrainian leaders of the present generation are absolutely dependent people. Much has already been said and written on this subject, including in the famous article by [Russian President] Vladimir Poutine. The country is under direct foreign control.

One of Russia’s top diplomats, Medvedev, even noted that while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky might not agree with what is happening in his country, he is still unable to defend the points of view that are “repugnant” to him. Medvedev said Kiev depends on cash injections from the United States and the European Union. He added that Kiev is directly under the leadership of the United States, even though the United States “does not need anything from Ukraine except a confrontation with Russia.” He stressed that such an alliance is “extremely fragile and that at some point it will crumble to dust”.

Zelensky ready to have a “conversation” with Putin

Medvedev’s remarks came just days after Zelensky said on October 3 that he was willing to meet with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. As Sputnik reported, he told a press conference: “We are ready for such a meeting, and I think meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin is the right thing to do. We could have a very in-depth face-to-face conversation. The Ukrainian president also claimed that Putin’s team was unwilling to face talks in person, fearing an “unexpected outcome” of the meeting. But Zeleensky said he expected such a conversation to be successful.


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