5 of the Worst Teen Horror Movies

When a horror movie is about teenagers, it’s often fun and relevant because there are so many topics to choose from. Scary movies can be about dating, friendship, family, college goals, career dreams, and more, and when the movie adds a scary little town with a ghost or serial killer story, the story becomes even more interesting.

There are tons of great teen horror movies to choose from, whether someone wants to choose a cheesy 1990s flick or a more recent one like Tragedy Girls, The profession: heritageor the beloved It follows. But despite how thrilling this time in someone’s life can be, there are definitely some terrible horror movies about high school kids out there. These movies just aren’t scary, or they don’t have great characters, or they’re a lackluster remake of an absolute classic.


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Kristy Swanson as Buffy Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

While the monsters of buffy the vampire slayer are a famous part of the TV show, and Sarah Michelle Gellar is amazing as a teenage vampire slayer, the original film is lackluster and leaves fans wanting more.

Kristy Swanson plays Buffy Summers in the ’90s film. Although the same story elements are here, as she discovers her new life and tries her best to still be a regular high schooler, the film just doesn’t. doesn’t have the same fun tone or character development as the show and it’s definitely a far cry from it. also popular. It can be considered one of the worst teen movies because it doesn’t do anything new for the genre. The show has corny but relatable stories about being a teenager and dealing with all the issues of that time, but the movie doesn’t talk about that age group enough.

While the 1990s film’s urban legends are dark, gritty, and unforgettable, the third film in the horror franchise is pretty terrible. In Urban Legends: Bloody MarySamantha Owens (Kate Mara) discovers that the old legend of saying the name “Bloody Mary” in a mirror might actually have some truth to it.

As Sam and his brother David (Robert Vito) investigate, Sam ends up seeing Bloody Mary herself, which should be terrifying but not exciting at all. The movie has no cool characters, no love story to make up for the scary parts, and nothing to make it stand out. Above all, the other two films in the franchise are much scarier and more interesting.

Freddy Krueger’s Ability To Haunt Dreams Makes The 80s Horror Movie freddie so legendary. It’s certainly no surprise that the 2010 remake just doesn’t live up to the original.

Instead of being a groundbreaking, classic horror movie with a menace no one can forget, the 2010 film is a poorly told story about teenagers, who don’t have much personality or much going on throughout. of the movie. Nancy Holbrook (Rooney Mara) and Kris Fowles (Katie Cassidy) are friends who discover Freddy, who in this film molested children at a daycare. Horror fans will be sad that the quality is so different from the original. And as a movie about high school kids, it doesn’t do much either.

There are several underrated horror movies from the 2000s, but Disorders is not one. The film is a new approach rear window and stars Shia LaBeouf as Kale Brecht, a teenager under house arrest because he molested his teacher.

As Kale spies on his neighbors, he thinks Robert Turner (David Morse) is a serial killer and will stop at nothing to prove it, except of course he has to stay indoors, which definitely narrows his investigation down to real time. There’s a bit of a romance with Kale becoming friends with neighbor Ashley (Sarah Roemer), but the movie won’t keep horror or thriller fans interested for very long.

Adrien (Lori Heuring) and Brittany (Susan Ward) in The In Crowd

The 2003 thriller/horror film The crowd is a horrifying film that uses thriller movie tropes like a woman being labeled “crazy” and blamed for events in which she had no part.

Adrien Williams (Lori Heuring) leaves a psychiatric hospital and starts working at a country club where she befriends the pretty and popular Brittany Foster (Susan Ward). When Adrien and Matt Curtis (Matthew Settle) fall in love, Brittany becomes incredibly upset and jealous and does everything she can to get rid of Adrien. Brittany leads everyone to believe that Adrien murdered Henry Thompson (Daniel Hugh Kelly), Adrien’s doctor, and Adrien fights back and learns that Brittany is responsible for the mysterious disappearance of his sister Sandra. It’s not much to tell the audience that Brittany is the real bad guy and that Adrien is a good person, because the movie makes it very clear that Brittany is evil.

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