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Nearly three dozen 4-H members took part in the annual public presentations of the Livingston County 4-H program.

The purpose of public 4-H presentations is to develop a young person’s public speaking skills and confidence in speaking to them in front of a group. Participants choose a topic of interest and develop a 3 to 15 minute presentation that they present in front of peers, adults and judges.

Due to COVID-19, 4-H members have been offered both an option of speaking in person with a small audience or a remote presentation, providing their own unique growth opportunities.

This year’s event featured a variety of topics, and many of the 35 youngsters featured chose to share information about an athlete, hobby, sport, or perennial favorite – animals.

The Impromptu category, which is an option for teens who have participated in public presentations multiple times, has seen growth this year. Teens who choose this category arrive without knowing what they are going to present. They randomly choose from a group of preselected objects or written prompts to spark their thinking. Young people have 15 minutes to prepare a short speech of at least 3 minutes which includes an interesting introduction, full body and conclusion.

“I love the Impromptu category because it is so relevant for future careers. At any time, you might walk into work or a meeting and be invited to speak to the group in unexpected ways on a given topic, ”said Renee Hopkins, 4-H educator. “Practicing impromptu speech (also known as out-of-the-box speech) allows you to practice putting your thoughts together and expressing them clearly and logically.”

This year’s participants were: Eden Arnold, Eli Barrett, Victoria Charlebois, Jayden Coty, Chaundacey Crane-Yackley, Audrey de Wit, Rian de Wit, Cavan Dennis, Isabelle Dennis, Gianna Embesi, Lindsay Flick, Lily Garrity, Fiona Gelb, Kiara Gramkee, Alyssa Healy, Amara Jerome, Kamryn Jerome, Carly Lang, Aydan Low, Molly Milliken, Claire Paul, Katie Paul, Alexis Pfenninger, Howie Sexton, Lucy Sexton, Lily Sharp, Kenny Smith, Elijah Tanksley and Izaya Tanksley,

This year’s Cloverbud attendees (ages 5-7) included Ariana Cook, Madelyn Coty, Tucker Drum, Talia Embesi, Nathalie Gelb and Camden Sharp.

The volunteer reviewers were Pat Auinger, Peggy Auinger, Beth Bailor, Nita Hawkins, Tim Hayes, Margaret Linsner, Anna Macauley, Becky Minnich, Sue Werner and Mark Wittmeyer.

Several 4-H members were chosen to represent Livingston County at the district event. They were Victoria Charlebois, Isabelle Dennis, Lindsay Flick, Lily Garrity, Fiona Gelb, Alyssa Healy, Aydan Low, Molly Milliken, Howie Sexton, Lucy Sexton and Lily Sharp.

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