Why is the internet so obsessed with the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard lawsuit?

#AmberHeardIsAnAbuser, #JohnnyDeppDeservesJustice, #JohnnyDeppIsInnocent, #AmberTurd – these are just some of the hashtags that have been trending on Twitter and other social media platforms since the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial began in a defamation case last month. Celebrity breakups and divorces are always of particular interest to the general public. However, what started as a simple celebrity lawsuit in the case of Depp and Heard, quickly became the hottest topic on social media with hashtags, memes and TikTok/Reel trends dominating almost everyone’s feed. the users. So why is the internet so obsessed with the lawsuit and why are most of them vouching for Depp?

For People Living Under a Rock, Depp and Heard dated for a while before getting married in 2015, only to end their marriage in 2017. After the divorce, Amber wrote an op-ed in 2018 for The Washington Post making claims of domestic abuse and how institutions protect abusers from justice.

Depp then sued Amber for defamation and filed a lawsuit for $50 million. The Aquaman star clapped back as he counter-sued for $100 million. The trial began on April 11 and has been all over the internet ever since, which brings us to the question: why this obsession with a divorce trial?

Interesting trial moments

Since day one of the trial, there have been several hilarious moments during the hearing that resemble scenes from a Judd Apatow comedy. For example, Alejandro Romero, who works as a front desk clerk in the building where Depp and Heard lived, appeared before the judge via video call and while giving his statements to the judge, he managed to make the court laugh, as he vaped and drove during testimony.

Another funny moment came out of the trial a few days ago when social media users alleged that Heard posed for a photo while crying during his testimony. Although the video that went viral shows Heard taking a break, it’s hard to say if it was deliberate.

Inclination for Johnny Depp

Depp has been one of Hollywood’s biggest stars who has played major roles in massive movies. With roles such as Captain Jack Sparrow and Willy Wonka under his name, he is a firm favorite among children and their parents. His frequent visits to children’s hospitals in full costume have also been commendable. Another important fact is that most of his films are watched by GenZ as they grow up, which only adds to his popularity.

Hatred for Amber Heard

From day one, there has been constant hatred for Amber Heard during the trial. While stories of her pooping on Depp’s bed after an explosive fight between the couple on April 21, 2016 (Reason to #AmberTurd) haven’t been much help, almost no celebrities coming out to support her are giving as well. result in people questioning his credibility. Also, the fact that she fired her PR team before her testimony is a major reason why people don’t believe her.

Regardless of the end result of the trial, the fact remains that never before has a divorce trial produced so many field days for memes and so many trends for content creators. And when memes, vaping videos, Heard’s lawyer mess, and conspiracy theories come together, it makes for one of the most interesting celebrity lawsuits on the internet.

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