The Witcher 3 characters who could be alive in The Witcher 4

The Witcher 4 is currently in development and should be the start of a new saga. Fans know little about what this new entry entails or when it might take place in the timeline. That, however, never stopped fans from speculating.

Potential characters appearing in this new game is a hot topic surrounding the upcoming one. Witcher saga, with the most important discussions around its protagonist. Assuming the new Witcher entry takes place approximately 100 years after the events of The Witcher 3, one has to wonder who players might expect to see from the original cast. Note that the characters quoted will not include those who may possibly die in The Witcher 3so people like Lambert or Keira Metz are not eligible here.


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The obvious choices to return to in The Witcher 4

Ciri – Ciri is perhaps the most obvious choice. Assuming she undergoes a magical procedure to extend her lifespan, Ciri will likely be alive in The Witcher 4. Given that she is a trained witch and the Lady of Space and Time, defeating her won’t be easy.

Geralt – Geralt is another obvious choice, as he not only has an extended lifespan and great survivability, but he’s also a beloved character. Thus, it would make sense for Geralt to appear in The Witcher 4, even briefly. It would be interesting to see how much the ancient Witcher has changed in the hundred years between entries.

Sadness – Triss is one of the youngest witches in the witcher series, which means she still has a long way to go. Considering her involvement in helping the mages escape Novigrad, as well as the power she wields, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see her hold a seat of power in Kovir down the line.

Yennefer – Yennefer, although older, is one of the most powerful mages in the witcher universe. After everything she’s been through in the book series, Netflix adaptation, and video games, players may see her chilling out in a quiet place in the next installment.

Other characters who could appear in The Witcher 4

Avallac’h – The elves of the witcher universe have a much longer lifespan than ordinary humans. Thus, it is easy to believe that Avallac’h could live the beginning of the new saga. Perhaps this appearance could even shed more light on his past relationship with Lara Dorren.

Dudu – Dopplers have a similar lifespan, so Dudu could be alive years after the events of The Witcher 3. Although it might be hard to find in a crowd, it could provide insight into how people and societies have changed over the years.

Eskel – In his journal entry in The Witcher 3, Eskel is said to have watched over Kaer Morhen after Vesemir’s death. Considering how long a witcher lives, the new protagonist might stumble upon them if they visit the old witcher’s dungeon.

Gaunter O’Dimm – Gaunter O’Dimm knows no lifespan; he is evil incarnate and one of the most powerful beings in the known universe. That’s why many want to see O’Dimm back in The Witcher 4.

Regis – Vampires are yet another race with a much longer lifespan than normal humans, so Regis might still be active in The Witcher 4, roaming Nilfgaardian territories and impersonating a human being. His vampiric powers and ability to sympathize with others would make him a valuable ally for the next protagonist.

Zoltan Chivay – Of all the races with extended lifespans, dwarves are arguably the shortest – only about 250 years old. That said, Zoltan could still be alive during the events of The Witcher 4. Like Regis, his genuine kindness would make him a valuable companion for whoever becomes the next main character.

A new Witcher game is currently in development.

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