Environment and sustainability top the list for French exams

The Wednesday morning Leaving and Junior Cert exam papers both looked at environmental and sustainability issues, giving students plenty of choices and simple questions.

This is according to the teachers who spoke to the Irish Examiner after the Leaving Cert French exam on Wednesday morning and the Junior Cert home economics exam.

Higher Level and Ordinary French offered “no surprises”, and the listening test was “well paced”, according to Jane O’Dwyer, subject representative with the Association of Secondary Teachers Ireland.

“There were a lot of choices,” she said.

The first question on the next-level document, a story about a big decision, was “very doable” and the questions generally focused on the subject of the environment, school, sports and immigration.

“These are topics that students have covered well for their oral exams, especially school and sports.

“Environment and immigration are also very hot at the moment, so students would have done a lot in class. There really was something for everyone.

It was good for students to have additional choices this year. I guess if there was a flaw there might have been too many choices. The students may have struggled to decide because there were so many questions that were so doable. »

Ordinary level paper was also relatively simple, she added.

“There were no surprises.”

Topics such as immigration and school were also featured in the regular level journal.

“What was interesting about the school question is that it was from a teacher’s perspective. It was different, it was a nice little twist. Overall, a very doable document on both levels.”

Driving lessons and the driving test as well as going to the movies, going on holiday and finding accommodation were covered in the higher level listening test.

Domestical economy

On Wednesday morning, students in the first cycle of home economics took the first state exam in the subject since its reform.

Mairead Tompkins, subject representative for the Teachers’ Union of Ireland, said the final paper represented 50% of the marks for the subject.

The subject of the exam covered topics such as sustainability, well-being and well-being, including questions on water and sustainability, use of leftovers, online shopping and safety online for kids.

“The course’s key objectives and learning outcomes have certainly been well considered.

“Sustainability in textiles is highlighted, as well as up-cycling. All the buzzwords of the moment were there, and all the key skills of the junior cycle course were found in the decor of the paper.

“There was a nice question there where students had to compare two different cereal bars and ask them to justify which one they would choose.”

There was also a section on how cycling became popular as a family vacation activity.

“Students were asked to give three examples of the benefits of cycling on a family vacation, which would lead to discussing things like vitamin D,” she said.

“There were some very nice connections between the questions asked.”

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