Big E names who he wants to see win the Royal Rumble 2022

Big E has been very loud lately about a lot of interesting topics in WWE. He recently stopped by the Barstool podcast, Barstool Rasslin ‘, to talk about a number of topics in the wrestling world.

The WWE man opened up about the Royal Rumble 2022 and who he wanted to see it win. Big E went with a “lazy” answer.

“I feel like the lazy answer would be the members of The New Day, so obviously Kofi or Woods,” the WWE man said. “I’ll go with someone who’s not them. Let’s go, Cesaro should win the Rumble. Dude, Cesaro is so good in the ring. I would love to see Cesaro get hot again. When he was with Paul Heyman, like that time, the swing era, and he’s still so good, but people were so behind him. He’s a guy who deserves this, so I’d love to see him take a well-deserved boost. “

During the podcast, WWE superstar Big E discussed his famous “Suicide Spear”. The name is very precise because the move involves many risks.

“The suicide lance, or the lance through the ropes, that one is a little, I’m still fine.” Everyone always worries about me and tells me to stop doing it and like “you’re gonna break your neck”. I’m fine, but it’s a bit unpredictable because you never know exactly how you’re going to land. So this one is a little scarier. It’s a little more dangerous, I guess. I might be working on something. I can’t just give it away willy-nilly, but we’ll see. “

It will be interesting to see if Big E makes his wish come true at WWE Royal Rumble 2022. The world will be watching.

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