Hegemonic strategies and regional order (Thursday, October 14, 2021) • City, University of London



Developing an original theoretical approach to understanding the roots of regional conflicts and cooperation, International Relations in the Middle East explores the dynamics of national and international foreign policy for an accessible insight into how and why the regional order of the Middle East has changed over time.

Highlighting the interactions between foreign policy trajectories in various states, including Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey, Dr. Ewan Stein identifies two main policy drivers foreign and alignments: seeking competitive support and ideological outsourcing. Clearly linking political, ideological and foreign policy dynamics, Dr Stein shows how the sources of regional antagonisms and solidarities lie not in the geopolitical chessboard, but in the hegemonic strategies of the region’s pivotal powers. To assert historical sociology – in particular the work of Antonio Gramsci and Louis Althusser – as the most powerful lens for understanding regional politics in the Middle East, with broader implications for the study of regional order elsewhere .

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Dr Amnon Aran is Head of the Department of International Politics and Senior Lecturer at City, University of London. He has also contributed to policy development forums through his work with public bodies (including the European Union) and think tanks. Dr Aran’s main research interests lie in international relations in the Middle East, with particular reference to the Arab-Israeli conflict and the foreign policy of states in the Middle East. His most recent book, Israeli foreign policy since the end of the cold war, was published by Cambridge University Press.

Dr Ewan Stein is Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Edinburgh. He is the author of Representing Israel in Modern Egypt: Ideas, Intellectuals, and Foreign Policy from Nasser to Mubarak (2012) and editor of Intellectual dynamics in the Middle East and North Africa (2015).

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