How to Use Reddit’s New Discover Tab

Mobile Reddit users may have noticed a compass icon on the app’s bottom bar — it’s the Discover tab that Reddit recently unveiled, its first new feature in nearly two years. It aims to give people an easier way to explore the site’s ever-growing number of communities, and it’s super easy to use.

How the Discover tab works

The aforementioned compass icon is nestled between the app’s home button and the plus icon that lets you create a message (it’s not available on the web). Tap on it and you’ll see an array of photo and video posts that Reddit thinks you’ll enjoy based on the communities you’re part of and spent a lot of time browsing.

“We’re ushering in a new era of discovery on Reddit, with images and videos in the lead,” Reddit’s product manager for content and communities, Jason Costa, said in a statement that coincided with the rollout of the feature. functionality at the end of February. “We’re making the discovery of relevant content and communities more intuitive.”

It’s also a way to put potentially interesting posts in front of people who may have turned off various recommendation settings (tap your profile icon, then Settings, and your username to see them). So even if you’ve disabled Reddit’s ability to drag recommended posts into your home feed and told it not to use your IP address or your interactions with partner sites and apps to suggest content, the Discover tab will still work.

How to Use Reddit’s Discover Tab

The unfiltered Discovery tab is a drop-down merge of suggested posts, each with the subreddit’s name displayed at the top. Press one and it will take you to that community, where you can scroll to see if you fancy joining. If you do, tap the blue “join” icon, depending on where you are on the page), and you are there.

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Now, if you like your Discover tab the way you prefer your filtered selfies, look at the top of your screen. Below the search box and your profile and main menu icons, you’ll see suggested topics in bubbles. Scroll right to see more. Tap one to turn the more general feed into one tailored specifically to the topic you touched on, and scroll down to see if anything interests you.

You can keep going through these filters, but you’ll eventually reach the end, as the app only seems to show 25 at a time. That’s no problem: swipe down from the top of your screen to refresh the entire Discover tab.

How to improve the Discover tab

Comments matter, whether you’re a website valued at over $10 billion or a 7-year-old scribbling the worst self-portrait your teacher has ever seen. That’s why Reddit has built in response mechanisms in the Discover tab so you can tell them if their recommendations are good or bad.

To find them, long-press any item in the feed to open a menu with the following options:

  • Show more posts like this. Choose this and Reddit will thank you for your comments. You will see more similar items in the future.
  • Show less posts like this. There are two possibilities here: the possibility of seeing less of that specific post or less of the community it is in. Whatever you choose, Reddit will blur it on your Discover Tab feed when you scroll and you won’t be able to tap that.
  • Report. This will open a report form for you to tell Reddit that a post violates a subreddit’s rules, constitutes harassment, spreads misinformation, or falls into a number of other disreputable categories.
  • To share. Tapping this will bring up a menu of various sharing options, including the ability to post to another subreddit and copy the direct link.
  • to safeguard. It couldn’t be much clearer: it saves the message. You can find it later by tapping your profile icon, then Checked in.
  • Share to discuss. Use it to post a message directly to a chat with other Redditors.

And if you’ve made it this far, we naturally recommend subreddits focused on the three pillars of popular scienceCoverage of: Reddit Science, /r/Technology and DIY.

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