Irish pubs: Scientists reveal the three drinks that give you the worst hangover and why

Irish scientists have revealed the three drinks to avoid if you want to avoid a brutal hangover the next day.

According to experts, drinking red wine, whiskey or brandy can make hangovers worse than drinking other beverages.

Scientists Carol McCarthy and Abina Crean, both of UCC, and Sarah Hayes of UL, will explain the reasoning in an episode of a new RTE series.

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Brainstorm, which airs from May 2, will feature expert analysis on a range of interesting topics.

Writing in The Irish Sun on Saturday, the three scientists shared useful information for people planning to have a few drinks this weekend.

“It’s worth pointing out at the outset that a number of factors can affect the severity of a hangover, including genetics, health, age, sleep, and (of course) the amount of alcohol consumed. “, they write.

“Alcohol is a diuretic (which is why queues are always so long in pub toilets) and inhibits pituitary secretion of anti-diuretic hormone (ADH; vasopressin).

“Reduced levels of ADH prevent the kidneys from reabsorbing water and lead to dehydration (symptoms of dry mouth, thirst and headaches).

“It’s a good idea to drink water while you’re out or before you go to bed as it will help reduce symptoms of dehydration.”

They add that another “suspicious hangover” is a compound produced by alcohol metabolism.

“Alcohol, or more specifically ethanol, is broken down by enzymes in the liver into acetaldehyde, which is then broken down by another enzyme into acetate,” they explain.

“Acetate can be broken down into carbon dioxide and water.

“Your body is able to break down alcohol at a rate of about one unit (8 grams or 10 milliliters of pure alcohol) per hour, although this rate varies slightly from person to person, depending on ‘a number of factors such as their weight, height, metabolic rate, etc.’

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