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In response to Morgan Griffith’s newsletter: one does not “make a better republic” by attempting a coup d’état of the said republic or by promoting attempts to enthronate a king. The continued support for such acts shows your true feelings about veteran service.

You can certainly be proud of the good job your propagandists are doing, but that puts you right there with people like Stalin and Mao… which is quite far from any patriotic service… and it’s anything but “conservative”, provable since there are books on the subject.

So I am a real veteran. However, I take this opportunity to inform you that I did not serve this country for the good of a Hitler … a Stalin … or a Mao. I did not serve this nation for a new aristocracy. I have not served this country for the sake of “greed is good”. I have not served this country for the sake of those who regularly lie, cheat and steal.

In fact, I can’t remember a single man or woman I’ve served with that never-married belief in a legislature for sale to the highest bidder, or just about anything that passes for what does. the Republican Party these days. Our service was not in favor of the political tactics of the former enemies of this nation that you employ and engage in on a regular basis without even caring. We opposed those same things.

These boots have actually been on the ground in nation states like you want ours to be… where the leaders of the greed movement of the day, framed in many different “isms,” had killed lackeys like you who had them. given the power, just before the payola expired. These places were a mess. Full of unnecessary human suffering and misery. Interestingly, these areas were also marked with evidence of a previously more prosperous civilization… much like the mainstreets of America in this state, your district, and the rest of the nation.

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