Pokemon Fans Debate Overrated Pokemon

The Pokemon series is full of tons of created monsters, and many fans have their favorites, but they also think some don’t deserve the limelight.


With many enduring RPG franchises, there is a strong community of fans who have supported these games for years, and Pokemon is no exception. The number of players in the franchise only seems to grow year after year with titles such as Pokemon GO and Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and these fans all have their own opinion about the series and its many Pocket Monsters. A fan decided to encourage a discussion about which creatures on the show are overrated or not.


Over the 26 years Pokemon has been around, the series has amassed a creature total to its name that goes well over 900. There’s a chance the next Pokemon generation, marked by the release of pokemon scarlet and Purple, can set this total to more than a thousand. Despite these numbers, several creatures are considered fan favorites by many, while others feel differently.

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Reddit user thefurnaceboy took the Pokemon-thematic subreddit to create a fun discussion post on which Pokemon other fans consider it overrated. To encourage discussion, thefurnaceboy mentions how they think “Lucario isn’t cool, he’s lame” as the group’s first opinion. Others quickly joined in, with much of the debate centering on starters such as Turtwig or Chimchar.

Some users have encouraged readers to sort comments by controversy while skimming through them all, so that the most interesting opinions can be found easily. This is partly because while the conversation remained civil for many commenters, fan favorites considered overrated, such as the Dragon-type Flygon, were downgraded by a good number of commenters. Of all the comments, one user decided to joke that “obviously the most overrated Pokémon is [put your favorite Pokemon here,]with other members of the community running with the punchline.

The post certainly turned into a rather interesting discussion, just as thefurnaceboy requested, and turned out to be a fun discussion among fans in general. The split opinions range from creatures that caught the attention of The Pokemon Company, to even one person condemning every Shiny Pokemon.

The views shared on the post are emblematic of the fact that while every Pocket Monster has fans who support it, there are others who disagree with that statement. The fact that Pokemon fans are so divided on which creatures deserve attention, which is why topics like Game Freak removing the National Pokedex became controversial within the community, as it only seemed to encourage more creatures to be left behind by compared to some franchise favorites.

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