The NK leader said inter-Korean lines of communication would be restored in early October.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said cross-border lines of communication with South Korea would be re-established in early October as part of efforts to improve frosty relations, but warned that it was entirely up to Seoul to determine. the future trajectory of their relationship, according to state media. reported Thursday.

In a speech to the Supreme People’s Assembly’s second-day session on Wednesday, Kim also said that the hostile United States policy towards Pyongyang had not changed at all since taking office. administration Joe Biden earlier this year and his offer to hold talks without preconditions. is nothing more than “a little trick to … hide your hostile acts”.

The United States immediately refuted Kim’s claims and urged Pyongyang to resume dialogue.

“The United States has no hostile intent towards the DPRK,” a State Department spokesperson told Yonhap News Agency in an email, referring to the North by the acronym of its official name, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

“Our policy calls for a calibrated and practical approach that is open and will explore diplomacy with the DPRK to make tangible progress that increases the security of the United States, our allies and our deployed forces,” the official said. “We are ready to meet the DPRK without preconditions. We hope the DPRK responds positively to our outreach.

Inter-Korean relations have remained deadlocked since the no-deal summit between the United States and North Korea in early 2019. Relations have cooled further after North Korea blew up Kaesong’s liaison office and cut off all cross-border communication lines last year in protest against the anti-Pyongyang leaflets sent from the South.

The hotlines were briefly operational again in late July, but the North resumed refusing regular calls from Seoul two weeks later as it bristled with joint military exercises by South Korea and the United States that the North has long denounced as a repeat of an invasion.

In recent weeks, however, the North has signaled its willingness to improve relations with the South, even tending to consider an inter-Korean summit on condition that Seoul renounces its “double standard” of criticizing “defensive” weapons testing. of the North while justifying its armament.

And Leader Kim said direct lines to the South would be restored.

“He expressed the intention to ensure that the North-South lines of communication which had been cut due to the deterioration of inter-Korean relations are re-established first from the beginning of October,” the news agency said. Central Korean official.

The restoration will be “part of the effort to fulfill the expectations and desire of the entire Korean nation to see the faster restoration of North-South relations from the current stalemate and the establishment of lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.” Kim said. saying.

“We have no objective or reason to provoke South Korea and no idea of ​​harming it and it is necessary for South Korea to quickly get rid of the illusion, the crisis consciousness and the consciousness of ‘to be hurt that this should deter provocation from the North,’ Kim said. .

He also said that it “depends on the attitude of the South Korean authorities whether inter-Korean relations will be restored and develop to a new stage or continue to maintain the current state of aggravation.”

Kim urged Seoul to abandon its “double-handed attitude” before calling for a declaration officially ending the Korean War recently proposed by President Moon Jae-in, saying it is up to Seoul to determine the future course of relations inter-Korean.

North Korea recently raised tensions with its first test launch of a hypersonic missile. It was the sixth major weapons test and came about two weeks after two short-range ballistic missiles were fired into the East Sea, which drew condemnation from Seoul and Washington, with Pyongyang being banned from ” use ballistic technology under UN sanctions.

Regarding the United States, Kim said that military threats and Washington’s hostile policy against Pyongyang have not changed at all and have become more “cunning” since the new administration took office at the start of the year. This year.

“The United States remains completely unchanged in posing military threats and pursuing a hostile policy towards the DPRK, but uses more cunning means and methods to do so, as evidenced by its actions. in the past eight months since the emergence of his new administration, ”he was quoted as saying.

The DPRK is the official name of the North, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

“The United States touts ‘diplomatic engagement’ and ‘dialogue without preconditions’, but it is only a small trick to deceive the international community and hide its hostile acts and an extension of the hostile policy pursued by successive American administrations. ” he added.

Kim said: “International relations have been reduced to the ‘neo-cold war’ structure due to the one-sided and prejudiced US style foreign policy” and ordered his staff to define “tactical measures for fully implement the strategic policy “towards the United States. (Yonhap)


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