Australia launches latest COVID-19 vaccine communication campaign

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24 October 2021

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The next phase of the Australian government’s vaccine communications campaign launches today, with the message ‘we’re almost there in Australia’, reminding people that with increased vaccinations we are able to come back. to a more normal and free life.

As we have reached phase B of the national plan with seventy percent of the general eligible population now fully immunized and over 86.1 percent received at least one dose, we need to make sure people get their second dose and we hit 80 percent. hundred brand fully vaccinated.

The ads create a sense of encouragement and a sense of enjoying more freedoms as Australia opens up, as Australians begin to return to overseas travel, birthday parties, weddings and a Christmas with the family. He gives a positive tone, full of hope, with a touch of humor, to motivate the most hesitant, to get vaccinated so as not to miss out on more freedoms.

The “Spread Freedom” campaign will air from tonight and the material will be shared on all media channels.

To further encourage the first Australians to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the government is also launching a new project called ‘For All of Us’.

The project features a number of prominent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians who have come together to encourage their crowds to get vaccinated.

Model Samantha Harris, musician Baker Boy, chef Nornie Bero, street artist Tori-Jay Mordey, and acclaimed didgeridoo player and singer William Barton are all pushing for vaccination and looking to tackle vaccine reluctance.

The project carries the simple message “For our past, for our future, for all of us.” Get vaccinated against COVID-19 ‘.

Committees representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, people with disabilities and multicultural communities are regularly consulted to ensure that immunization messages are clear, appropriate and disseminated through the best communication channels to reach all Australians.

The communications campaign also supports on-the-ground engagement with the public, including information kiosks in malls and events, and outreach activities with CALD and Indigenous communities.

The Australian government’s comprehensive communications campaign on COVID-19 vaccination is supported by an investment of over $ 90 million.

The Spread Freedom and “For all of us” documents will be available on from October 24, 2021.

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