Hawke’s Bay DHB internal communications network outage resolved, cause investigated

Hawke’s Bay Hospital is trying to figure out why the internal communication system is having trouble. Photo / Warren Buckland

Failures in Hawke’s Bay District Health Board’s internal communications system resulted in the failure of its external and internal telephone lines.

The blackout on Friday morning impacted the telephone lines as well as the DHB’s computer network.

A DHB spokeswoman said the issue was unrelated to the hack and no patients were affected.

“The problem was related to two components of its internal network system and was in no way related to any type of cyber attack.

“The DHB had processes and procedures in place for events like this, which were immediately implemented, however, the main line to the call center was cut for a short time and the DHB was shut down for a short time. sorry. “

The DHB system was operational again after 90 minutes.

The cause of the component error was under investigation by the DHB digital activation team.

Tukituki Medical Center practice director Raewyn King said in a Facebook post that the center was having issues with its phones, which are part of the HBDHB system.

“At this point we are not receiving phone calls and we cannot make phone calls,” King said.

“We apologize for any inconvenience which is beyond our control and will notify you when our system is activated again.

“Thank you for understanding.”

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