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Major articles on the upcoming holiday season lament supply chain issues, causing frenzied shoppers to panic over sought-after toys and gifts. However, for those in the nonprofit and development sectors, the primary concern around the holiday season centers around year-end fundraising. And since the money raised does not grow on trees, the strategy and tactics behind communicating about the needs of organizations are extremely important.

And with now annual events like Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday) encouraging new donors, it may appear that seasonal requests have turned into a flood of digital email distribution, of avalanches of direct mail and a cacophony of little red bells. For many communicators, standing out from the crowd remains a top priority.

PRNEWS spoke with communications professionals from nonprofits and charities to find out what makes a fundraising campaign remarkable in a crowded marketplace.
Plan ahead
It goes without saying that any good communication strategy needs enough time to develop. In fundraising communication, it’s not as easy as posting a GoFundMe link on Twitter. With thousands of philanthropic messages spread over the holidays, planning, goal setting and research are essential.

Some organizations start planning a year in advance as they review their upcoming financial goals and review annual reports. Others believe that summer is enough for the ideation and construction of a brand image and message, including graphic or digital elements.

Regardless of when communicators start working on vacation calls, those we spoke with focus on a theme common to PR professionals across industries: knowing what the public wants.

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