Malenia content cut from Elden Ring could have made her stand out even more

Like all games, Ring of Elden has an abundant amount of cut content. From the merchants’ relationship with the Three Fingers to a cut intro by Godfrey, there are more than a few interesting topics that didn’t make it into the final product. One of them includes new elements concerning Ring of EldenMalenia’s toughest boss fight.

Players will go through Ring of Elden, guided to the Haligtree, where they will eventually find and confront Malenia. He’s a beloved character with a ton of lore, but in terms of story, there’s very little. However, the cut content shows that Malenia could have been more than just a boss fight.


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Elden Ring – Cut Malenia content

It seems Malenia and Miquella originally had much larger roles, with the latter having her own expansive quest and playing a role in a cut. Ring of Elden end. Malenia may have played a part in this, or at the very least players wouldn’t have randomly encountered her and woken her up. She was originally a certain level of ally, as she calls the player “tarnished sweet” and “dearest companion”. In fact, she would even wonder why they were fighting her, making the fight more sympathetic.

Considering the purpose of the Haligtree, it’s likely that players could have adopted Malenia and Miquella’s worldview, leading to an alternate ending where the Golden Order crumbles. However, this cut content would have also introduced a new set of weapons related to Malenia and Miquella’s storyline. The first weapon was known as the Abundance Twinblade and the second was known as the Twinblade of Abundance and Decay, the latter fusing the former with a weapon from Malenia.

It seems that Miquella, who is cursed to be forever young, is related to abundance – possibly meaning an abundance of life – as Malenia is obviously decay. It could have been an interesting ying-yang element, and it looks like it could have created a powerful build. Unfortunately, players are unlikely to see it in full unless some form of Ring of Elden‘s Director Cut comes out or someone is able to restore everything via mods.

It would not be surprising if Ring of Elden DLC to explore new content on Miquella, but given that Malenia is taken down by the Terni, her return is unlikely. Still, the DLC could take the story in new directions and reveal more about the character’s lore. This content would have been interesting to see nonetheless, as it could transform Malenia from the game’s strongest boss to one of its most compelling characters.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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