Mamata Banerjee to meet CMs of non-BJP ruled states next month to discuss threat to federalism – The New Indian Express

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KOLKATA: The second meeting of the newly constituted national working committee of the Trinamool Congress is likely to be held in Delhi in the presence of party chairman Mamata Banerjee. The date of the meeting is expected to be after March 10, after the results of Assembly elections in the five states are announced.

“At the meeting, we can discuss our position in national politics based on the results of Assembly polls in five states. The Chief Minister herself will chair the meeting and give us the future roadmap in the ‘area of ​​national politics,’ a senior TMC chief said.

The leader said Bengal’s chief minister and national working committee may meet heads of non-BJP-governed states in March on the issue of the country’s federal structure and state governors overstepping constitutional rights. non BJP members.

Mamata recently communicated with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin over the issue of constitutional overreach and brazen abuse of power by governors.

On Friday, Mamata, at the first meeting of the national working committee at his residence in Kalighat, reinstated his nephew as the party’s national general secretary, inducting three others as vice presidents. Previously, Mamata had dissolved all party positions in the hierarchy at the national level.

Former Union finance minister Yashwant Sinha, Subrata Bakshi and Chandrima Bhattacharya were chosen as vice presidents. “The induction of three more people into the newly created post of vice president appears to be an attempt to clip Abhishek’s wings, as recent party developments suggest a growing distance between him and the party leader,” he said. another TMC leader.

Sinha, Bakshi and Chandrima are believed to be among Mamata’s relatives.

In the process of selecting candidate lists for the upcoming municipal elections in 107 civic bodies to be held on February 27, Mamata rejected Abhishek’s idea of ​​lining up new faces in the fray. Prashant Kishor’s IPAC team, which was hired on Abhishek’s suggestion, uploaded a list of candidates to the party’s social media platform without Mamata’s approval and the party had to announce a new list of candidates .

There was a strong buzz going around that Abhishek expressed a desire to step down as his previous position in the hierarchy and Mamata was in no mood to dissuade him.

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