Marvel’s Avengers player shares skin concepts for Iron Man, Captain America, and more

A Marvel’s Avengers fan and concept artist shares a handful of interesting cosmetic skin designs for Captain America, Iron Man, and others.

Marvel's avengers and if fan concept art designed cosmetic skins

Marvel Avengers“Skin cosmetics are important to the gaming community. As such, fans are expressing their wishes and requests for alternate outfits for playable heroes, and the deliberation over the skins is always a topic of conversation in the game. Marvel Avengers community.

Besides the number of skins in Marvel Avengers So far, fans continue to come up with interesting ideas for cosmetics, whether inspired by comic book sources or film and TV adaptations. Either way, fans like BrockSolid Designs have created detailed concepts that allow them to share their excitement for the game’s iconic characters.

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BrockSolid Designs Shares Custom Concepts For Skin Cosmetics They Would Like To See In Marvel Avengers, with skins conceptualized for Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Spider-Man and Wolverine. First of all, BrockSolid Design offers two different Captain America cosmetics: the first Captain America look from 1941 and the zombified Captain America as seen in the What if … from Marvel? anthology of the series. The classic 1941 look is striking with bright pops of blue, white, and red, while the zombie look features blue discoloration in its skin beneath its shreds. MCU equipment.

BrockSolid Design concepts for Iron Man include a Model 51 Prime cosmetic and a Proto-Classic cosmetic, the latter being an alteration of Marvel Avengers‘Illustrious skin for Iron Man. Another What if … from Marvel? a skin is also added with a zombified Iron Man without a helmet. Clint Barton’s Hawkeye, instead of being given an original or unique outfit, is instead given the much-requested and MCU-inspired Civil war skin.

Spider-Man should always set foot Marvel Avengers this year, although it’s still unclear what her default design will look like, let alone any cosmetics that might go with the character. Players can anticipate MCU-inspired skins similar to those added to Marvel’s Spider-Man, but what the character looks like otherwise is still pending. BrockSolid Designs, however, conceptualized a traditional look for the web-slinger using Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s Classic Suit, although they gave him large silver canvas pullers that wrap around his wrists. Much larger mask lenses are also included.

Additionally, Wolverine has not been announced for Marvel Avengers and therefore is a fan-requested wishlist character that may or may not qualify for post-launch DLC at some point. Regardless, BrockSolid Designs modeled their Wolverine cosmetic concept after a Sideshow figure of the character in her iconic yellow and blue outfit.

Marvel Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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