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Mayor Wilfred Rosas presents Hose 4 President Robert Henderson with a certificate of appreciation to the Murray Hose 4 Volunteer Fire Company for his many accomplishments and contributions throughout the community.

In early October, the Murray Hose Co. 4 Volunteer Fire Company held their final banquet at the Kosciusko Club with over 90 members and guests.

A full dinner was served with refreshments during the evening. All members received a gift, and all members and guests received a bottle of wine.

President Robert Henderson was master of ceremonies and spoke from the old days of Hose 4 and its fire station on Nevins Street to its current location on Doughty Street.

Henderson introduced guest speaker, State Senator George Borrello, who represents the 57th District of the State Senate. The senator spoke about the need and how the current volunteer firefighters are saving millions of dollars in property from fires and many lives. Borrello also spoke about small businesses and their importance in the community.

Borrello paid special honor to the company’s financial secretary, Edgar Ziegler, who has over 68 years of service with Murray Hose and 64 years as financial secretary. Ziegler also touched on several interesting topics and made himself available to anyone in attendance. Her guest was county lawmaker and staff member Lisa VanStrom.

Pictured left to right: Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas, Hose 4 President Robert Henderson and keynote speaker George Borrello representing the state’s 57th district attend the company banquet.

The mayor of Dunkirk, Wilfred Rosas, was present with his wife, Rosita, and spoke about the volunteers and presented the company with a certificate of recognition to Murray Hose Co. No.4. He mentioned that on the 115th anniversary and of the dissolution of the many accomplishments and contributions made by its leaders and members.

Rosas and his wife also took the time to visit members and guests.

Henderson also introduced the officers of the company, directors and their wives and guests. Honorary members were also presented along with his long-standing relationship with members of the East Dunkirk Fire Department, as well as their wives and guests. Doug Carstens of Rescue Hose of Cheektowaga has attended numerous memorial services, installation banquets and special events for many years.

A special group of women was featured: Joyce Tarnowski, Marylyn Nalepa, Rita Szot, Lois Tworek and Paulette Bienko. Husbands Chester, Martin, Louis, Bob and Peter, respectively, held key management positions and served in company functions for several years.

Several plaques were given to members. The Presidents Award was presented to Ziegler for his many years of service and dedication; Robert Penkaty received the Honoree Service Award for his dedication to special activities. The late Peter Bienko received a Service Award for his exceptional dedication during his many years as Company Treasurer. The plaque was given to his wife Paulette.

George Borrello presents Hose 4 President Robert Henderson with a proclamation for his 56 years of service and dedication to Hose 4 and the community.

William Adamczak received a Distinguished ServiceAward for 50 years of service.

Absent members Richard Dougherty, Michael Kubera and Joseph Kucharski will receive their plaques for their 50 years of service. John Skelly will also receive a special award for being the company’s last active firefighter in the town of Dunkirk with Murray Hose Company No. 4. He was also a captain for many years and was very reliable in attending calls for fire.

The leaders and members of Murray Hose Company No. 4 would like to thank the Kosciuszko Club, Pat Tripp catering and their excellent staff, Millers Apparel, Merritt Winery, HIS Associates and the Copy Boy organizations.

Several company members also attended a final church service at the Blessed Mary Angela Hedwig parish site dedicated to her living and deceased Fire Company members.

Prior to the service, Henderson spoke about the purpose of the fire company, its beginnings due to the fire at St Hedwig’s Church in 1905, and concluded by naming its members who died last year. A final breakfast was served after the service at the Kosciuszko Polish Home. Company chaplain Joseph Gullo said a special prayer in honor of the members present.

State Senator George Borrello, center, presents Edgar Ziegler with a proclamation for his long-standing dedication to Hose 4, having 68 years of service and 64 years as financial secretary. Company President Robert Henderson also presents Edgar with the Company President’s Award for his many early years of helping the company fight fires for a job well done.

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