Why China is watching Biden’s handling of Russia-Ukraine tension closely – and what it could mean for the United States

America’s rivals and enemies are watching the moves of Presidents Biden and Putin very carefully in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, and a Russian invasion could lead to further aggressive actions that threaten the American homeland, the former adviser to the US warned on Friday. national security Robert O’Brien on Fox News.

Biden was roundly criticized for his ‘minor incursion’ remark on a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, and O’Brien told ‘The Story’ that Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping is watching exactly how the current conflict is developing. .

If Xi deduces that it is worth causing international unrest to invade Taiwan – which China considers a breakaway province but the allies believe to be sovereign – it could open a sea lane to confront Alaska, the state le closer to Russia and China.


FILE – Chinese President Xi Jinping stands in front of the national flags of China and the Republic of Congo during a meeting (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, Pool, File)
(AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, Pool, File)

“The answer to our main national security interest in Europe is to make sure NATO is defended, and so we don’t want Russia invading our non-NATO friends and putting more pressure on our allies. of NATO. That’s number one,” O’ says Brien.

“Secondly, the Chinese are watching this very closely. Xi Jinping is watching Vladimir Putin’s every move and thinking about it when deciding whether to invade Taiwan after the Olympics or not.”

He noted that the United States has substantial national security and diplomatic interests in Taiwan. If Taiwan were to come under the control of the CCP, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army could be at the US Western gate in a short time.

“[Taiwan] is the stopper of the Pacific,” O’Brien said. “If Taiwan falls, the PLA Navy throws itself into the Pacific, threatens Hawaii, threatens California [or] the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.

In Anchorage, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson is a sprawling strategic facility with an eye on U.S. interests in the Asia-Pacific region, while 300 miles north at Fort Greely in Fairbanks, up to 40 anti-ballistic missiles are present in the serious case of an attack on the west coast.


The coastline of Honolulu, Hawaii, including the base of Diamond Head Crater.

The coastline of Honolulu, Hawaii, including the base of Diamond Head Crater.


O’Brien told Fox News that a Chinese invasion of Taiwan could also cut off U.S. ally Japan, as well as other treaty allies New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines.

“So we need to make sure that the idea that nation states can invade their neighbors and conquer them is not the new norm in international relations, because that will have consequences far beyond Ukraine,” he said. he concluded.

O’Brien said Biden gave Putin the Berlin-connected Nord Stream 2 energy pipeline “for nothing” and saw in return the former KGB agent “put a gun to the head of the West” via his current threats against Ukraine.

“So he has developed an appetite for American concessions and the time for appeasement of the Russians is over,” he said. “They are watching our words carefully, but they will also be watching actions.”

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