Arielle Ollivierre will help improve communication with the hard of hearing and hard of hearing (+ video)

Arielle Ollivierre will help improve communication with the hard of hearing and hard of hearing (+ video)

Arielle Ollivierre, Miss SVBL hopes to raise awareness in her community about better ways to accommodate people with disabilities in various settings.

This will be done through the execution of a community service project, centered on the theme of advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities.

Ollivierre’s project is also one of eight projects to be performed by this year’s Miss SVG contestants as part of the GECCU Miss SVG Community Service Project – a new addition to the pageant this year, which challenges contestants to bring about lasting change in their respective communities.

The Miss SVBL initiative aims to help individuals and institutions communicate more effectively with people with disabilities, including those with hearing and speech impairments.

Ollivierre attempts to address the inevitable restrictions placed on students with disabilities in schools due to limited teacher training. His proposed solutions introduce basic signs to 6th grade students and teachers at Stubbs Elementary School, during the last week of August.

She will also distribute gift baskets to people with disabilities as a token of love and appreciation. The distribution will begin on September 12 and end on September 17.

As the title sponsor of the Miss SVG Community Service Project, GECCU will make $1,000 available for each delegate to run a project surrounding a particular topic in each of their communities.

Each candidate randomly chose the focus of their community project, which includes education development; sports participation; promote safety and reduce crime; entrepreneurship development; advocacy for people with disabilities; health awareness/health promotion; community beautification and geriatric care.

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