Intercepted TPLF radio communication reveals mission failure

Brigadier General Teklai Ashebir (Photo screenshot from Dedebit media video)


An audio clip of what is believed to be an intercepted radio communication between military commanders of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is trending on social media.

The senior commander who identified himself as 37 during the communication is believed to be Brigadier General Teklai Ashebir, a senior TPLF commander also known as Wedi Ashebir.

He was giving orders to the force commander’s code 65.

Communication is in the Tigrigna language.

Code 37 ordered Code 65 to “shoot all those who are Tigrayans and who are not ready to die for Tigray.” pull. him.”

The senior commander added:

“It is a clear instruction. He runs away from death but you have to show him that there is death even if he backs down. What’s going on? Why are they backing down? I order you to shoot?”

The code 65 response was:

“They push them from above. …Hey, what are you talking about? Can you see what’s going on? I’m the one looking at them… mission failed. I tell you the mission failed.

Listen to the communication from the embedded audio below:

The third round of the TPLF’s war against Ethiopian troops began on August 24 when it launched an offensive in the Kobo region as part of efforts for peace talks.

There are now reports that TPLF forces are surrounded from different directions and that the TPLF is unable to do anything about it.

The Ethiopian Defense Force has neither confirmed nor denied the news as of this writing.

Foreign pressure against the Ethiopian government is increasing in what appears to be an effort to save TPLF forces.


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