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The following contains spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder.

The latest entry in the Thor franchise was recently released, and it’s a hot topic of discussion for Marvel fans. Thor: Love and Thunder continues the story of the God of Thunder as he embarks on new adventures and rekindles old loves. love and thunder acts as a kind of follow-up Thor: Ragnarokas both are directed by Taika Waititi and have similar tones and styles, although the events of love and thunder really follow the events of Avengers: Endgame and where Thor’s story was left after this film.


love and thunder continues the story of Thor and sees the return of many characters who have become essential in its history. However, there is one character whose absence is conspicuous. Loki has been one of the central players in Thor’s story from the start, and most of the Thor movies have centered around their relationship and how they slowly rebuild it with each entry. However, Loki’s death in the main timeline of Avengers: Infinity War complicated this dynamic. While the character still kind of exists as a variant (with his own show), he’s no longer part of the main MCU story, at least not yet. It would have been logistically difficult to include Loki in love and thunderbut the film seems to miss not including him in any way.

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Loki is a main character in the Thor series, in the same way that Bucky is central to the Captain America movies and Rhodey is a necessary part of Iron Man stories. These MCU movies usually have a central cast of characters that differs for each hero, and the overall tone and feel of the movies can change depending on who the characters are. For example, an MCU Spider-Man movie without Ned and MJ just wouldn’t look like an MCU Spider-Man movie. Similarly, a Thor movie without Loki is very unlike the Thor movies audiences have come to know and love.

The sibling dynamic between Thor and Loki is the star of the first two films, both of which are considered underwhelming in their own way. Their conflict is central to both of these stories and is the most interesting dynamic in the movies, especially unlike Thor and Jane, which is a relationship that never really works. Even in love and thunder, who manages to improve their chemistry a bit, their romance still seems rushed and not completely authentic. The absence of Thor having any other meaningful relationships to deal with in the story becomes much more evident because of this.

Loki is a fan-favorite MCU character, and for good reason. He always steals the stage and manages to make everything he’s into more interesting. It would have been nice to get him back somehow love and thunder, and not just for fan-service reasons. The story of the film could only have been improved if he had been there. Unfortunately, from a logistical standpoint, that wouldn’t work with where the MCU currently stands story-wise. The only way to do that would be to bring the variant main character Loki from the TV show into the main timeline, but having him explain his journey to the audience and to Thor would take too long.

All this is not to find a way to reinsert him; Rather, it is to point out that Thor the franchise works best when it comes to family. However love and thunder touches on these themes too, it lacks the family dynamic that has always worked best in these films.

Whereas love and thunder gives Thor new journeys to take and is able to expand his story End of Game, it still feels like the story was stretched beyond what it was intended to be. It feels more like a story that was fabricated just to give Thor another movie, rather than a natural extension of his journey to this point. It’s not like Thor’s story has to be so intertwined with Loki’s that both have to end when one character is no longer in the picture. However, it gets more complicated when the basic sibling relationship isn’t present in a movie about the pursuit of love.

It’s not like mentions of Loki are entirely absent from the film. The film touches on his death and shows how Thor honored him through a slightly comical tattoo on his back and weaving a strand of Loki’s hair into his own (which Thor also did in Ragnarok when he thought Loki was dead). That, at least, gives a nod to the fact that Thor loved his brother enough to honor him, but it still doesn’t make up for his physical involvement in the adventure.

Loki is a favorite for a reason, and his comments and general demeanor always save the day. Thor films of being too bland (although the Taika Waititi Thor movies don’t exactly suffer from a blandness problem). Where the franchise was literally built around the relationship between Thor and his brother, it becomes a problem when that relationship is no longer part of the story. It leaves the movie feeling a bit empty, and as if it doesn’t fit perfectly with the rest of the Thor universe. Sometimes it’s hard to understand how important something is until it’s gone, and the absence of the god of evil from the newest Thor payout is a perfect example.

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