NEW BOOK: Everything for the Love of Horses

NEW BOOK: Everything for the Love of Horses

A thoughtful review of joyous and funny horse stories through a historical lens. with photographs included that convey the various lighthearted moments.

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ROY, WA, USA, July 23, 2022 / — About the book
This story began in a small community in the countryside of Long Island, continued in Europe and returned to the United States in the place that was his dream. It was always author Patricia Dammier’s vision to be able to look outside and see her beloved horses; don’t worry about finding the next boarding stable. In All for the Love of Horses, she shares her story about all the wonderful animals and people that represent over thirty-five years of traveling through Europe back to her farm in the United States. Dammier offers a reflective review of happy and funny stories through a historical lens. The stories tell of the thoughtfulness and generosity of others as she pursues her dream. The included photographs convey the various lighthearted moments of Dammier’s journey, but also document the dedication required to accomplish a difficult skill or goal.

About the Author
Patti Dammier studied equestrian disciplines in Spain, Germany, Portugal and England while teaching primary school abroad. Many of the story situations described in this book are based on his lived experiences. As a rider who trained and competed in Europe, Dammier, who holds a doctorate in psychology, uses her expertise to write rewarding equestrian adventures. She has written a number of other fiction and non-fiction books.

Whether you’re a curious elementary school student or an avid equestrian, there are plenty of interesting topics to discuss. Patti Dammier has been teaching horses and riders for over thirty-five years. His experience in the United States and Europe provides a broad equestrian perspective. For twenty-three years abroad, while teaching primary school, she studied equestrian disciplines in Spain, Germany, Portugal and England. Many story situations depicted in his books are based on his real-life experiences.

In addition to being involved in horse training, Patti is an accomplished researcher and involved in many aspects of research report writing, including human factors from aviation to equine science. It is with this perspective that she looks at her writing of fiction from a researcher’s perspective. Although the descriptions of stories are fictional, the research behind them is based on science.

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