Tackling the country’s digital divide, Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications and Informatics unveils free webinar series

The initiative highlights more than 200 free webinars in 514 cities and districts across the country.

Jakarta, Indonesia, September 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Ministry of Communications and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia (Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika), through the Siberkreasi National Digital Literacy Movement, reinforces its commitment to host more than 200 free webinar events each week in 514 cities and neighborhoods, which will be held until december 2021.


One of Siberkreasi's webinars involving public figures Dian Sastrowardoyo and Iwan Setyawan, held on August 27, 2021.

One of Siberkreasi’s webinars involving public figures Dian Sastrowardoyo and Iwan Setyawan, held on August 27, 2021.

“By 2022, up to 12,548 sub-districts of Indonesia will be connected to 4G networks. With the launch of the National Movement for Digital Literacy, it will enable the general public to properly enjoy the benefits of connectivity, such as increased productivity in business, education and access to information. Our goal is 12.4 million people in Indonesia will be digitally literate by the end of 2021. By 2024, there will be 50 million digitally literate individuals across the country, ”said Anita wahid, vice-president of Siberkreasi.

Overcome challenges with the four pillars of digital literacy

The National Digital Literacy Movement has four fundamental pillars in its agenda, namely: digital ethics, digital literacy, digital skills and digital security. By mastering the four pillars, all people, including those in rural areas, will have the capacity to operate safely, ethically and optimally in a digitally connected environment.

Giving the public digital knowledge will enable them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to increase productivity in a digital environment. With the increase in cases such as identity fraud, cybercrime, hate speech, radicalism and digital hoaxes, safe and healthy internet behaviors must be the minimum standard Indonesians must meet.

Therefore, the indonesia The Ministry of Communications and Informatics and Siberkreasi will organize more than 200 free webinars every week, inviting digital experts and eminent personalities to share their expertise, skills and experiences.

Learn from the experts

Recently, the ministry through Siberkreasi organized the “Indonesia Merdeka dari Hoax” event to further educate people on the importance of safe online behavior. Held on August 28, 2021, the event invited distinguished guests such as the Minister of Communication and Information Johnny G. plaque, the vice-governor of East Java, Emil Dardak, and public figure, Deddy Corbuzier.

In addition, Siberkreasi has also invited inspiring public figures such as Dian sastrowardoyo for the event “Nge-Zoom Bareng Dian” to August 27, 2021. Discussing the importance of digital literacy and internet positivity in empowering women from her perspective, the event attracted over 25,000 attendees from all over Indonesia.

The indonesia The Ministry of Communications and Informatics, together with Siberkreasi, continues to prepare various webinars and workshops on digital literacy. Located in many cities and locations across the country, people can register for the webinar and workshop events, where upon completion, they will receive an official electronic certificate.

Access webinars via http://info.siberkreasi.id and follow @siberkreasi on social media for upcoming events.

On The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Indonesia

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Indonesia through Ditjen Aptika’s main function is to disseminate and develop the national digital infrastructure with the aim of accelerating indonesia digital transformation.

The ministry works with the Siberkreasi National Digital Literacy Movement as a partner to deliver digital literacy education to the general public through various forms of media. This movement focuses on using digital literacy as a means to elevate national capacities and advance the people of Indonesia.

SOURCE Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika

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