Wales ‘benefits’ from Kensington travel agents, Tory MP suggests

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Félicité Buchan MP. British Parliament (CC 3.0)

Wales benefits from travel agents in Kensington, a Tory MP has suggested.

Felicity Buchan, the Conservative MP for well-off London, insisted that Kensington had “very close ties to the rest of the Union”.

In a Strength in Union essay, in which he argues against UK countries becoming independent nation states, she suggested that Wales benefit from the union because “many international visitors will be coming from” first in London, then will add a few days’ in Wales.

Buchan, who was born in Fraserburgh, Scotland, and has lived in Kensington and Chelsea for over 25 years, insisted that “the fact that I was born in Scotland was never raised as an issue” when ‘she was chosen as curator. candidate for her seat. She added that “it may even have been seen as a positive”.

Buchan said: “Kensington has very close ties with the rest of the Union, in particular with Scotland. We are home to St Columba’s Church, Knightsbridge – the main church of the Church of Scotland in London.

“Knightsbridge is also well known as a major international trading center, attracting buyers from the Middle East, Asia and around the world.

“Many of the products sold in our stores are Scottish luxury goods such as tweed and cashmere. So it’s no surprise that when I worked on a project to bring international buyers to the UK, I worked closely with Scottish MPs because our interests were so aligned.

“Kensington is also a major center for travel agents and many international visitors will come to London first and then spend a few days in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.”


She added: “My constituency, in other words, benefits from the Union in the same way that the Union benefits from my constituency. That is why, as I mentioned, I work closely in Parliament with colleagues from across the Union.

“In my constituency, many residents work in professional services such as banking and finance, which leads to cooperation with MPs representing Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, which are major centers of asset management.

“Financial services are critically important to our economy, accounting for 11% of total UK tax revenue, and we are stronger together. “

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