Xbox boss Phil Spencer calls NFTs ‘interesting’ and wary of ‘Play-to-Earn’ model

The topic of NFTs and blockchain technology in games continues to be a hot topic, with many publishers continuing to explore the concept despite it being widely rejected by gamers. So far, it seemed like Microsoft was largely anti-NFT, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer calling the technology “exploitative” and Mojang banning the Minecraft blockchain.

That said, Spencer was asked about NFTs again during a recent Bloomberg interview, and it looks like his stance may be softening, as he admits there could be “interesting things” being done with the technology. .

“We made some comments in Minecraft about how we see NFTs in this space, because we’ve seen people do things that we thought were exploitative in our product – we said we didn’t want to that. I think sometimes it’s a hammer looking for a nail when these technologies appear. But the actual human use – or gamers’ use, in our case – of these technologies, I think there could be have interesting things.

That said, Spencer continues to be cautious about the “play to win” mode and its potential to turn players into workers…

“Playing to win in particular is something I’m cautious about. It creates a work force among gamers that some gamers can monetize. To be fair to us in the gaming industry, it’s been there for years and years. There have been gold producers – people who literally spend their time doing menial tasks in a game to accumulate money which they can then sell to another wealthy player for real money, so that person doesn’t have to spend their time. you find games that are starting to build that into the economy of the game itself.”

The reality is, even if consumers resist, the idea of ​​the metaverse and the sale of digital goods like NFTs is bone tech and gaming companies won’t give up easily, and if there finally comes a point of tipping point where people actually start to embrace this stuff, you can bet Microsoft will be around to take advantage of it.

What do you think? Will NFTs and such ever take off or is this concept a dead end?

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